The Importance of Your Donation in

Supporting Human Cannabis Research

Daner’s Hope Foundation has begun its mission to help fund research teams investigating the medical benefits of cannabis in patients with cancer and other diseases.  There are many entities that research, but few that are able to research with humans. In order to move forward in this field of study, it is essential for doctors and scientists to be able to quantify their studies beyond that of lab animals and test tubes. Your donation helps make this possible.  There are a number of research centers across the globe testing the medicinal effects of medical marijuana on humans.  Many of those centers are 100% dependent on external funding to continue their investigation.

Our mission is to help fund more research to find cures to innumerable diseases that will benefit from the medicinal properties of cannabis.  An effective prescription of cannabis as an alternative medicine, in the correct format and dosage, can only be established with proven results through human trials. As our reach grows and we expand our collaboration with more centers, the benefits to patients will also grow.  We would like to thank you for supporting Daner’s Hope and the thousands of patients waiting for treatment.

Your financial contribution to Daner’s Hope helps fund research centers that are actively testing the medicinal value of cannabis in all areas of the medical field.  Our primary focus is on human cannabis research.

I am so grateful for the assistance of an incredible team that helped Daner’s Hope become a reality.
We are still small, but growing stronger each day with a level of skill, professionalism and vision that keeps us all moving forward together knowing our mission is happening.
The journey is fantastic and I thank God for the time I had with my brother Daner
Thank you for your generous donation.